B2Broker kicks off ICO PRE sale for institutional crypto exchange, B2BX

Nothing is hotter right now than the cryptocurrency market and investors of all makes and sizes looking to be a part of it. In light of a strong uptick in demand for these instruments, B2Broker will launch be launching an initial coin offering (ICO) for its own cryptocurrency exchange project for institutional customers next month – this includes a token pre-sale starting today at a 35 percent discount.

With the valuation of cryptocurrencies moving at lightning speed, it is less clear for investors how exactly to enter the crypto market quickly and at a fair price. To help accomplish this feat, B2Broker will be undergoing an ICO on October 2, 2017 to drive the development of its landmark project, tapped B2BX. B2BX will aim to become a comprehensive marketplace for regulated and certified brokers that combines Bitcoin trading with existing retail forex trading solutions.

Groundwork laid

The development is the latest step for B2Broker, which currently operates as a provider of turnkey, cloud, and liquidity solutions. Earlier this month, the group had unveiled plans to launch an ICO for B2BX, while also rolling out a cryptocurrency liquidity service for MetaTrader 5 (MT5) brokers.

ICO funds will be instrumental in supporting the development of a comprehensive ecosystem for B2BX, which will in turn speed up software development and give the opportunity to connect the maximum number of exchanges to the aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity.

In particular, the group’s new B2BX exchange-aggregator will aim to give brokers’ customers the access to information of listing participants and cryptocurrency trading via existing trading terminals. This includes familiar functionality, where a trader will be able to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw profits in cryptocurrency from trading accounts of brokers.

Arthur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker, commented: “Now institutional customers have to aggregate the liquidity bit by bit, and we give the fullest market depth and volume for selling and buying. Fiat market has everything under control now, but the cryptocurrency space is just starting to be discovered.”

Arthur Azizov

Freshly tested B2BX product

Cryptocurrency exchanges currently suffer from a variety of issues, including access liquidity and in many cases transparency. However, the B2BX exchange-aggregator will help reconcile issues of regulation and software development, whereby aiming to facilitate the integration with any broker or exchange system.