B2Broker is impossible to resist

Exhibition’s purpose is to present and to acquaint visitors with product, but they just can’t stay away and resist such profitable proposition which gives serious advantages.

First of all you feel these advantages just having a small presentation about B2Broker products. But later you understand that you have no time to waste and just sign the contract with us
right here, right now.

B2Broker can prove the efficiency. Already on the basis of the existing cases we can speak about potential:

Purchasing a White Label program you save:
$75 000 on purchase of the MT4 or MT5 server
16 000$/year on a hosting of 4 powerful servers sufficient for providing a complete and reliable covering on the world
72 000$/year on salaries of at least 4 employees with an average salary in $1500
36 000$/year on purchase and servicing of aggregators, bridges, plug-ins, suppliers of liquidity, setup of system in general

Being our regular customer:
• 30% growth of productivity of work of your employees
• 20% increase in cross-sellings
• 15% reducing outflow of clients
• 80% decrease in number of escalation
• 67% reducing time of start of new products
• 22% growth of speed of rendering services
• 35% reducing cost of handling of a request

And this is only small part of profit, which B2Broker offers you, besides other products.
Nowadays, such innovative approach is in great demand.