Trader’s room:

A readymade module for your Broker web site!

Resolving the problem launching
a quick Brokerage Financial business.

Watch the video and find out how
you can save 357 thousand dollars,
ordering our account management system
for brokerage firms.

B2Broker Trader’s room
is a readymade functional solution for brokerage businesses.

  • Users registration
  • All user’s data retention and verification in your company’s database
  • Complete conversion chain: from account opening to making payments
  • Feedback: Online consulting, messages, surveys
  • Account analytics and recommendations for your clients
  • Settlements: making payments, withdrawals
  • Safe infrastructure of access permissions and logging
  • Everyday aggregated transactions and registrations reports
  • Complete integration with CRM, ERP and analytical systems
  • Integrated popular payment systems

Using our Trader’s room your clients can:

  • Open and manage real and demo multi-currency accounts
  • Make payments and withdrawal funds
  • Make transfer payments between their accounts and platforms
  •  Verify and change personal information
  • Change safety settings and passwords
  • Contact broker’s support
  • Receive analytical and informational support
  • Set Stop-Out for specific account

With Trader’s Room from B2Broker,
Your employees can:

  • Control cash-flows
  • Verify clients, Follow KYC procedures
  • Get complete registrations statistics according to partners and sales-channels
  • Serve clients and IBs
  • Monitor clients database
  • Arrange marketing campaigns
  • Integrate new products
  • Activate/Deactivate accounts

Using B2Broker Trader’s room, Introducing Brokers, franchises and agents can:

  • Register partners accounts
  • Form referral links to each product
  • Get access to marketing tools with integrated tagged links
  • Get access to informers, widgets, banners, marketing kits, videos, landing pages, presentations and e-mail templates
  • Analyze attracted clients
  • Analyze links efficiency
  • Get detailed reports according to clients and groups
  • Calculate and withdraw rewards using payment systems

Getting B2Broker Trader’s room you save:

$357000 assisted by 10 highly qualified IT professionals for an initial period of 14 months.
Calculate your savings.

14 months – full cycle development period

6 Top Lead Developers, average salary of one specialist is


1 Architect


1 Head of IT-project


1 Product manager


1 Tester


Monthly expenditure = $25 500 

14 months х $25 500 = $357 000

Your savings!

You just rent our product, paying one IT-specialist salary per month and start attracting clients without making huge investments. Your spending efficiency increases more than 150 times!

Facts about our product

B2Broker Trader’s room is a great conversion tool to communicate with clients.


Our technological solution is flexible, customizable and scalable


You provide only the domain name, logo and design – that’s all we need to get from you


Your clients can start using your Brokerage company services in 10 days


You can make your own Trader’s room design


Customization and branding with your company design


Any payment systems integration within several days. Configuration settings according to your trading platform


Free updating


24/7 technical support

Discover how looks our Trader’s Room:

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