B2Broker Cloud CRM

Want to increase your sales?
Do not lose your clients!

B2Broker Cloud CRM automatically gathers all the contact details and requests from website forms and landings. CRM helps to manage opportunities and brings them to a successful sale.




Works everywhere:     ap1 ap2 ap3

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customizable analysts


points to make contact with a client


tuned business processes

Guaranteed increase in sales

by 3 times

New clients are too valuable!

  • Write and create a task for each client
  • Do not wait for your managers to write down your potential client’s contact details, B2Broker Cloud CRM does it automatically and also reports to top-managers about expired tasks.

Sales funnel, task work, tools for advanced analysis of manager’s performance efficiency, missed calls notifications… all of this and much more will take your sales to a completely new level.



Start earning more from tomorrow!

Turnkey solution for sales department of a brokerage company

Marketing, Sales, Service maintenance:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Lead Managements
  • Opportunity Management
  • Customer development and further sales
  • Product portfolio management
  • Full analysis
  • Customers database, 360° customer
  • Emotions Management

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Indicators analysis

400 customizable analysts:

  • Customer analytics
  • Sales analysis
  • Marketing efficiency analysis
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Performance efficiency analysis

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Customer feedback

Effectively interact with their customers, improve constantly:

  • Flexible customer survey kit
  • Feedback analysis
  • Conduct surveys on website and social media
  • Work on mobile devices
  • Anonymous or personalized survey

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B2Broker counts every dollar and has already saved you $93,400!

What makes up the cost of a traditional CRM-solution?


Solution cost

license cost

training cost

integration cost

hardware cost

technical support/maintenance cost

How much does it cost to purchase and tune CRM?

Licenses cost

  • Annual extension
    +16- 25 % of the cost
  • For each user
    from 600$ – 2 000$

Implementation cost

  • Requirements development
    from  3 000$
  • System tuning/revision
    from  20 000$

Integration cost

  • MetaTrader 4/5 integration
    from 15 000$
  • MailChimp
    from 2 000$

Telephony integration

  • Outgoing calls
    from 1000$
  • Incoming calls
    from 1000$

Trader’s room and website integration

  • New users registrations and leads
  • Incomplete registrations

Training cost

  • Manager training
    from 700$
  • Employee training
    from 300$

Hardware/ IT infrastructure cost

  • Maintenance personnel
    from $20,000 per year
  • Server, data centers, backup and reservation
    from $24,000 per year

Functional development and support of CRM

  • Program developer
    from $18,000 per year
  • Business analyst
    from $15,000 per year

Basically, the cost of operating a 50 staff company is:

from $93,400 one-time payment and from $17,000 per year

Rent our system only for $50 per user
and start working today!

B2Broker- proven efficiency


Increase of your employee’s performance

Increase in cross-sales


Decrease in customer outflow



Reduction in escalation

ROI 243%

during the first 1,5 years

Decrease in new product launch time


Services become faster by


Cost of request processing is reduced by


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