Easy integration of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 servers
with any web services in just 1 day.

WEB API MT4/MT5 – our own development

We created this product, focusing on maximum ease of installation and configuration,
as well as solving a number of problems:

  • It would eliminate the use of server-side plug-in MT4 / MT5, which will significantly reduce burden on the trade server.
  • Radically reduce the threshold be able to integrate trading servers and web services, allows you to develop and connect customers with the necessary functionality quickly and easily .
  • Reduce the cost of development and / or integration with other services at the expense of refusal from hiring expensive C / C ++ developers.
  • Simplify development through the use of more convenient SOAP protocol.



From a technical point of view, the product includes:


  • The module receiving HTTP-connections
  • Module for requests processing via SOAP interface
  • Authentication and authorization module
  • Debugging information storage unit
  • Module for connection to the trading servers
  • Module to broadcast SOAP-calls into calls to the necessary libraries
    MT4/MT5 manager API
  • Validation of incoming data module

Interested to learn the principle of work?

Functions of WEB API МТ4/5 service allow:

The main advantage of the product – it’s easy to configuration and use, simplification and cost-reduction for development of external services process, easy SOAP interface

  • Open trade accounts
  • Receive and modify trade accounts info
  • Make balance and credit operations
  • Change email, leverage, group, general and investor’s trade account passwords
  • Open and close balance and credit orders
  • Send terminal mail
  • Implement internal transfers between accounts, crediting and debiting of funds


On the other functions

stages of work and error brokers, we will tell you in the author’s series of letters
“Academy to create FX broker”

Purchase options

Purchasing full WEB-service API MT4/5

You get a set of programs without source code, which are installed on your own servers.

The license key is valid only for one server.

Advice on the use of service and installation are free, while you pay a small annual fee for renewal.

In case of subscription

You get 1 month free trial access to WEB- service API MT4 / 5, followed by the minimum monthly payment for the use of service from a single IP address.
When you subscribe there is no need for additional installations – service is available on B2Broker servers and is updated regularly.

How does this happen in 3 simple steps

Step 1

You give us IP address of your server and create MT managerial account with full permissions on the server

Step 2

You provide us with your login and password for this account

Step 3

You can connect your site and trader’s room for their full automated trading with MT4 and MT5 servers

Purchaing B2Broker WEB API MT4/MT5 You save

$22 000 and 3 months of team of developers work!

IT project manager, technical writer and tester for 3 months of underemployment work


С++ Developer
$3000 x 3 month =


$3000 x 3 month =


Total $22 000

Your economy!

Order B2Broker WEB API MT4/MT5 now

for 2% of total costs of development and save your time and money