A New Generation of DMA Liquidity

Institutional bilateral
The Highest Level of ECN / DMA Liquidity. Prime of Prime.
  • The largest ECN in the world: Integral offers direct access to deep institutional and anonymous liquidity.
  • No «Requotes» or «Last Looks». There is no transaction review after execution.
  • Anonymous trading and access to 20 levels of market depth through the «Depth of Market». The ability to place orders at any level of «The Book».
  • 9 asset classes, 1500+ trading instruments and total DMA / STP access to 19 of the best FX liquidity providers and 80 major and minor derivatives and commodities exchanges.
  • Through «Integral» we offer Forex, Metals, Indexes, Energy, Commodities, Equities, Crypto-Currencies, ETFs and Futures. Our service is Prime of Prime.
  • Total post-trade transparency in accordance with VFSC regulations. Full openness and transparency of work through true STP / DMA / ECN.
  • Transfer of orders via B2Broker Liquidity (FX-Inside Integral) platforms, FIX API (Java, FIX 4.4, .NET), MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway.
  • «Fill or Fill» execution model. Operates without requotes, with the possibility of positive slippage and ultra-low latency (less than 10 ms) in the performance of any trading volume from 0.01 to infinity.

Our prices in real time

78 currency pairs
Basic and Precious
metal - 20
3 pcs.
24 pairs
9 000 +
80 pcs.
20 pcs.
10 pcs.
100 pcs.
2 000 pcs.
1 000 pcs.

Our clients

Liquidity clients
Brokerage Companies
Liquidity clients
Brokers who offer
MT4, MT5 and CTrader
Liquidity clients
Stock DMA Brokers with a single direct connection to 80 exchanges
Liquidity clients
Legal Entities and Individuals who hedge their currency risks
Liquidity clients
Hedge Funds and Investment Companies
Liquidity clients
Proprietary Trading Companies
Liquidity clients
Professional Managers
Liquidity clients
Introducing Brokers
and Business Partners

The Technology of B2Broker Liquidity

B2Broker Liquidity unites more than 10 leading banking and non-banking liquidity providers in real-time.

We provide our clients with dynamic access to an extensive pool of liquidity, while our Integral system maintains a complex routing order and rules for aggregating the highest-quality liquidity flows.

Without exception, all your customer orders are performed at lightning speed.

Our technology is built on the basis of the Integral system, which provides access to the largest ECN platform and allows aggregating liquidity from various banks, liquidity providers and the dark pool.

The basis of B2Broker Liquidity is a dark pool of deep, anonymous bilateral liquidity, OCX.

OCX liquidity is the Open Currency Exchange: a secure, efficient and modern exchange platform for all market participants, organized by more than one hundred of the largest banks, brokers, hedge funds and market-makers based on the Integral system.


  • We have deployed a modern network infrastructure that is unparalleled in the industry. Our global network covers all Equinix centers, which serve as the home of the world's largest financial ecosystem.
  • The basis is Equinix NY4, where our neighbors are all the largest banks and liquidity providers.
  • Through our partners, we help you to achieve collocation in close proximity to our servers.
  • MT4 and MT5 servers B2Broker are also hosted in Equinix NY4 for our White Label partners, and have proxy servers across the world, which provides a low latency connection for customers from all around the world.
  • The distributed backup system of B2Broker servers is a guarantee of stability, since the failure of one server will not affect the performance of others.

Three types of liquidity connections

Liquidity connections
Through FIX API, which allows you to connect through your own bridge or platform.
Large brokers connecting DMA Liquidity on the FIX API provide a more dense depth of market, which means even better spread and quoting for their traders. At the request of the Broker, we can incorporate any Liquidity Provider into our aggregator, and act as the Prime Broker. In this case, the Broker's clients will receive a single margin account and aggregated prices from several Liquidity Providers for one connection.
Liquidity connections
By connecting B2Bridge to your own servers MT4, MT5 and CTrader for free with the possibility of free integration for any trading platform.
By connecting DMA Liquidity through Cloud B2Bridge, the Broker will be able to easily manage their risks by switching accounts or groups of accounts to the A-Book and B-Book models. At the same time, there is no need to pay a separate commission for Bridge, B2Broker provides its innovative development B2Bridge for absolutely free. The solution is suitable for both MT4 and MT5, and it is possible to connect any other platform to the DMA Liquidity very quickly through the API using Cloud B2Bridge.
Liquidity connections
As part of the White Label (platforms MT4 or MT5).
By connecting DMA Liquidity under the WL system, the beginning broker can focus on their main goal: attracting customers. B2Broker removes all issues with platform customization, the creation of appropriate trading conditions, provision of tools and the direct connection to liquidity. We offer a fully prepared, fast and inexpensive solution for launching a Forex business. You can order the complete package with the product "Broker Turnkey".


We work with Barclays, BNP Paribas, Bank of America, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Currenex, Deutsche Bank, Lucid Markets, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, Macquarie, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS Blind PB feed, Swissquote Prime, UBS and Societe Generale.

Our prime-broker is MIG Bank.

The current list of tools and specifications is available by the link – https://b2broker.net/liquidity/#instruments

Please register in our Trader’s room at https://my.b2broker.net/register and we will contact you, or leave a request on the site for the procedure of opening an account.

Our commission is $ 15 per million in one way, also, the minimum deposit is $ 20,000 and the minimum commission per month is $ 1000.

Every broker that uses B2Broker Liquidity has its own private account, which only broker has access to it.

Register in your Trader’s room by the link https://my.b2broker.net/register, then go to the “Trading platforms” tab and download the B2Broker Liquidity platform.

We offer bank transfer, direct transfer of Web Money, also you can transfer Bitcoins. To test liquidity, up to $ 3,000 can be transferred by the card.

You can test through MT4, MT5 automatically, and also through the demo platform B2Broker Liquidity.

The company B2Broker is licensed by VFSC Vanuatu.