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Business plan for Forex Brokerage Company

Business Plan for Forex Brokerage Company

We prepared a detailed business-plan for brokerage company. It’s for those who is in doubt, or don’t know where to start.

Binary options or forex trading? Trader’s side of the story

What are the options for a novice trader with s small starting capital? Stock markets, commodities, and bonds are the domain of big investors with huge investment capital. So beginners are left with currency trading and binary options. Both types of instruments are traded online and they allow people to start trading with small amounts …

Forex license in Vanuatu

B2Broker: Vanuatu is the Offshore of Choice for a Brokerage Startup

You are young, energetic, ambitious? You dream of having your own brokerage business? Welcome to Vanuatu, a tropical paradise for forex brokers. This is a tiny state located on 83 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Having failed to make tourists fall in love with its lovely scenery due to frequent earthquakes, the government of Vanuatu …

B2Broker - DMA Liquidity of New Generation

Secrets of Successful Forex Brokers – Liquidity is The Key

Modern traders are difficult to please. They know the ropes of trading. They are spoiled by technologies and make high demands to the trading conditions. They want impeccable execution, high availability, attractive spreads and transparent pricing. That’s why it is so vital for a forex broker to build a proper business model to take care …