Advanced Platform
for traders
and investors
In B2Broker we’ve created flexible and powerful
platform for social trading and professional
moneymanagement. You can create any product
your clients want.
Types of products
in single platform
Types of fees managers can
charge from investors
Orders allocation
3 in 1: Social Trading (copier), PAMM and MAM
PAMM/MAM platform of B2Broker is the most advanced and flexible software on the
market now. Depending on regulation and clients’ requests you can bring any business
model to live: from retail social trading to institutional hedge fund or prop trading company.
Investor even can trade on the same account if it is permitted by a broker

Social Trading (copier)

Copier is the base for creation of social trading platform. Managers trade and collect statistics, investors see rating, choose managers and connect their accounts to them.

  • Any MT4 Accounts You can use standard MT4 accounts as Master or follower’s account. No additional groups is needed.
  • Full Freedom Investor choose a manager from a rating by his own. He can connect his investment account to 2 or more master accounts simultaneously and change different risk ratios for their orders.
Manager can activate and deactivate investors from his manager’s interface.


The most popular way of running platform in strict regulations like Cysec, FCA, ASIC.

  • Full control Manager choose by his own on what investment accounts and how to allocate his orders. He also can activate and deactivate investors via his manager’s terminal.
  • Cysec, ASIC, FCA compliant Broker has full control and connects/disconnects investors from manager via Admin Panel.


Classical PAMM-scheme when master account consists of several investment account (like investment fund).

  • One manager – one account All trading is conducted on Master account. Investors can not trade on their acounts.
  • Fees payments and deposit/withdrawal operations are fully automated. Spend your resources on marketing not routine.
Test the platform with your MT4 server
We give you 2 week of free trial period. Setup of platform takes only 10-15 minutes.
Without any contracts or credit cards
4 Types of fees for managers
All fees are paid automatically. Leave a routine to a platform!
Success fee

% from profit

Management fee

% from equity

Volume fee


Early withdrawal penalty

% from withdrawal

+ 30% to average deposit

You’ll never reason with greed

Investors are really good at counting profit. Even the unearned one. And they can barely part with it. To pay 5-7% less fees they are ready to deposit 30-50% more.

Fees Schedule

Balance Success fee Volume fee
0 50% 2$/lot
100$ 45% 1,5$/lot
1000$ 35% 1$/lot
10000$ 25% 0,5$/lot

Team work

Platform not only pays fees automatically but even can split it between several partners.

  • When it is useful? It is very convenient when you work in team of several traders, risk manager, analyst, agent
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$53 400/year of economy
Comparing to in-house development

Sales Manager

$1500/month (х0.3)

Spend time on calculation
and fees settlement from
investor’s accounts to
manager’s payment

Product manager


A Specialist who is in
charge of development,
business analysis,
marketing and operation of
the whole product.

IT – specialist


This platform is a complex
software. It is necessary to
maintain it and optimize a
code. You need at least 1

Initial development


There are a lot of features,
modules and mathematics
in MAM platform. Team
should consist at least 4 IT
managers and 1 Product
manager for at least 12
months before launch.

Available with White Label MT 4

Our platfrom perfectly optimized for working with white label MT4. You don’t need to buy your own MT server to use it


Managers API or Plug-in

You don’t need to install a plugin in your MT4 server. Platform can work via manager’s API. But you can install a plugin it will decrease latency on aprx. 15ms.

Ready interfaces and API for integration.

MAM platform has MS Windows desktop interfaces for Manager, Investor and an admin panel for a Broker. It is readyto-use from first day. No integration is needed. But you also can use JSON REST API for seamless integration of products to your website and a personal area.

Desktop applications

They made just for Windows, but you don’t need to invest time and money on product launch.


For seamless integration we’ve added a JSON REST API to our platform. You can use your own interfaces and make a Tailor-made product and web-pages specifically to your needs.

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Risk management for traders and investors
We’ve added 2 Risk limits to a platform: one for investors and second for a managers. This features
will help your clients to stop paying to risk managers in prop companies and hedge funds and will
make product more competitive for investors because their investments will be under their controll.

Daily risk limit for trader

Daily risk limit is a commonly used instrument in hedge funds and prop. companies. It helps them to dramatically increase a lifetime of traders and their performance.

How it works 1) The manager sets a loss-limit in % of the capital at the start of day (00.00 CET). 2) If it’s exceeded the platform automatically closes all open and delayed orders. 3) Further trading is forbidden and suspended till the start of the next trading day.


Air-Bag for investors

Investors don’t really need much. Safety and independence. The loss-limit for investors will add these 2 keyqualities to your investment service.

  • It’s simple and clear: 1. Investor sets a loss limit in % of the account’s peak. 2. If the loss achieves the set amount, the system automatically sends a request for account closure.
Integrated partnership program

Fees are paid for each investor separately

Several partners can attract investors to a one Master account. And you can pay different fees to them.


Partners can cooperate to attract one big fish

Sometimes it is hard to attract one huge client and 2 agents work together. You don’t need any additional software to split IB fees between them.

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