Legal & Financial Services

B2Broker will take care of all the bother associated with the provision of legal and security services together with the correct functioning of your brokerage firm.


We provide services for registration, renewal and the maintenance of brokerage companies.

We have ready-made jurisdiction options for non-regulated brokers, and we are always ready to offer the best option based on the needs of your business. After the first consultation with us, you will have a clear understanding of what company you exactly need.

Licensed companies

Today lots of jurisdictions regulate investment and brokerage services in particular. We have accumulated experience of best practices and precisely define the optimum license for you.

European regulators, such as CySec, Bulgaria regulators, Lithuania, Latvia and others have a number of advantages at relatively low cost, while at the same time, Labuan and Belize regulators are more loyal to monitoring and reporting.

Every jurisdiction has it’s advantages and limitations, B2B Broker focuses on the benefits based on your business model.

Opening a bank account

We work only with the most reliable and loyal banks.

The selection and opening of a bank account is quite a complicated, long and expensive procedure with many pitfalls along the way

It’s one thing to open an account, but with dedicated accounts – it is a normal and seamless process to work with this account.

We have accumulated experience of many banks and leading law firms and have developed a ready-made solution for opening bank accounts according to the size of the company, business models and regulation.

Merchant accounts

We open merchant accounts for processing of direct banking. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the funds from it will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Merchant account will allow your users to make payments directly from your website using credit card data without using a payment system. The funds that will come from your clients through the site, will be accumulated in the merchant account.

Merchant account connection is a quite lengthy process, because of the bank acquiring, which will deal with payment processing through the company’s web site. Bank will check company’s activities, the lack of fraud evidence, the web-site and user’s trader’s room.

Selection and connection of payment systems

Is a rather simple action at first glance, which, as you think you are able to do yourself and save on paying professionals. And it’s true, if you do not take into account the factors of serious risks that payment systems have. The risk of unfair partners, the risk of non-payment and denial of service, the risk of blockage, undeniable charge-backs, the risk of poor conditions, risk of partner’s technologies and platforms – that’s all the risks incurred by your business, your customers and your shareholders.

It is common knowledge that a partner, particularly financial, is required to be reliable. If he is not – it is a problem.

We will not tolerate choice of unfair financial partner and choose the best payment systems and methods for them, based on the business objectives, geography of payments receiving , the size and frequency of payments, and many other factors, reducing your risk to a minimum.

All our partners have a perfect business reputation, wise ways of funds acceptance and withdrawal, and, of course, good conditions. Among them, European, Asian, Russian and American companies that provide services in the field of processing online payments for online businesses from various industries.

Other services

B2B Broker will advise you on

  • Development of legal work schemes
  • Selection of the optimal location for the life and work of your employees, taking into account climatic and legal studies to obtain a residence permit or long-stay visa
  • Counterparties selection, risks consulting
  • Consolidation, asset protection and holding company construction on the basis of the group of companies

And also solve all the questions related to

  • Hedge fund registration
  • IT and managing company registration
  • Selecting and connecting the liquidity providers
  • The choice of auditing and accounting companies
  • “Virtual office” with the address and telephone number in any city in the world

Advantages you get working with us

Complete protection of your private information

Operating with NDA agreement

We work with foreign registration agents without intermediaries

We do not store client’s information and documents in our office

Possibility of registering a company remotely

For large and regular clients we offer special working conditions and significant

The most important – you save time and money due to the absence of errors!

Choose your desired jurisdiction and
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